VIDEO: 2013 Kia K9 Filmed on Korean Roads

Now that the veil has been officially lifted from the car, the Kia K9 has been making regular appearances free of camo on South Korean roads, and we have the shots to prove it. Also making the rounds on the web are videos taken from drivers who braved the camera and steering wheel simultaneously, graciously bringing us footage of Kia’s new luxury sedan. We think these videos heighten the K9′s resemblance to the BMW 7-Series. What do you think? Share with us your impressions in the comments below!

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I am an 18-year high-school student in Toronto, Canada. Yes, I love cars - especially Hyundais and Kias of course! I don't have a full driver's license yet, so I blog about cars instead and I love it.

  • Gw045

    Personally, I like it a little better than the BMW.  The V6 should be very adequate for this car.
    If Kia brings this car to the US. it seems like a very large gap will exist between the Optima and this vehicle.  Whatever happened to the K7 or Cadenza that was thought to be coming our way, and be a notch above the Optima?  The internet showed lots of videos of it, very attractive car.  

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