Behind the Wheel: Tips, Tricks, and Maintenance for Drivers

Driving, especially if you are a new driver, can be challenging and exciting at the same time. But like other drivers, it is important to be a confident, informed, and efficient driver. To help you achieve that, here are tips and tricks that experts at D Wells Auto have suggested:

Obey Traffic Rules

From right-of-way to road signs, you as a driver, must follow and understand rules. These may include obeying traffic signals, wearing seatbelts, leaving enough space between two vehicles, and following speed limits. Applying and learning traffic rules can help to ensure you have a relaxed and safe experience while on the road. In addition, obeying those rules may prevent you from traffic tickets that are costly and raise the rate of your car insurance.

Brake Gently

As a driver, you must learn how to go easy on the brakes when slowing down your vehicle. Rather than rushing to stop your car by hitting the brakes, try predicting the road and pressing the brakes sooner. Braking with your left foot is an important skill, too. Although learning this technique isn’t easy, through practice, you can master the skill. This skill comes in handy, especially in emergencies.

Check the Health of Your Battery

New vehicles come with a built-in battery monitor. This helps to inform drivers when their battery is running low. But if your car doesn’t come with this monitor, you may also purchase a manual one to ensure you track the health of your battery. You may as well keep the battery of your vehicle topped using a maintainer.

Adjust the Mirrors Accordingly

One of the common mistakes many new drivers make is to drive off their vehicles without adjusting their car mirrors accordingly. Because of that, they end up with blind spots, increasing the risks of rear-end accidents. In other words, blind spots are parts that are invisible – meaning you can’t see the vehicle, which is on the adjacent lane. In order to avoid such blind spots, ensure you adjust your side-view mirrors. This way, you will have a very clear view of other drivers.

Accelerate in Moderation

As a new driver, you can be tempted to slam your gas pedal once the traffic lights turn green. However, it is crucial to have self-control. Auto experts say that the engine of your car will perform far better when you accelerate slowly. Go from complete stops to slow rolls and increase pressure gradually on your gas pedal from that point.

Consider Practicing Defensive Driving

This is not just crucial for preventing accidents. It can also come in handy in protecting your car against road hazards. By practicing defensive driving, you will stay attentive and alert behind the wheel, adjust your position/speed accordingly, and anticipate other drivers’ actions. It may also involve following other vehicles at a safe distance to prevent rear-end accidents.

Remember, these tips, tricks, and maintenance strategies won’t be complete without essential tools in your car. Every time you are driving, ensure you carry items, like emergency contact details, a flashlight, first aid kids, a spare wheel, and jumper cables. This way, you will be prepared for anything.