Your car is probably the second big investment you have ever made In your life, and of course, you need to protect it to maintain the car valuation in Dubai. Car coating doesn’t only enhance its appearance but also plays a role in protecting it.

Car paint can crack and rust easily if you don’t protect it, here where car coating plays its part in significantly increasing its life expectancy.

Should you use wax? A sealant? Or a ceramic coating? What’s the difference between them, anyway?

The type you choose will largely depend on what kind of finish you want from your car’s paint job, as well as how often you want to apply the product.

So, wonder no more! Today we’ll be talking about different types of car coatings and how they can help keep your vehicle looking great.

Let’s break it down for you to make an informed decision on which one will be the best for your needs!


Wax is an anti-rust coating that is available in various forms including paste, spray, and liquid. It usually lasts from 3-6 months depending on the type of wax and makes it easier for you to wash and dry the car.

Car wax improves the car’s appearance and keeps it looking shiny and new.

It’s usually applied over a freshly cleaned surface as a protective layer against dirt, UV rays, water spots, or any debris that might cause scratches on the paint job over time.


Paint sealants are synthetic polymers that provide better protection than a wax. Quality sealants last 6-12 months and protect the car paint from UV rays, road chemicals, and other particles.

You can use sealants first for protection, then wax for an extra glossy finish!


Ceramic offers more protection than sealants but needs careful care. It doesn’t only give the car a nice shine but also protects it from light scratches.

However, it is not completely scratch-resistant. Deep scratches caused by sharp objects like keys can’t be protected by the ceramic.

Ceramic helps the car to stay clean for a longer time because it doesn’t attract dust like wax and sealant, which also makes cleaning much easier.

Ceramic coating lasts 2-4 years. When applying, make sure that the car’s surface is clean and properly prepared.

Paint Protection Film

Protects vehicles from scratches, wear, and tear caused by road conditions that usually lead to permanent damage to the vehicle’s finish, so you can sell your car in Dubai whenever you want because you know that it’s clean, clear, and in a good condition.

This clear film covers the car’s surface providing protection against dirt that can cause scratches in the paint and prevent them from getting embedded into it.

It also protects against UV light degradation which can cause fading and cracking over time, and make it easier for you to clean the car.

There are many different types of it and they differ in thickness and clarity so it is hard to tell if the film is good or bad just by looking at it but the clearer and thicker the film the better.

This paint needs to be taken care of just like you would do to your car’s paint with wax or sealant to make it last longer.

It also extends the life of the paint. A good film lasts anywhere from 5 to 10 years depending on how much you take care of it.

I hope that this has helped you to understand the different types of car coatings and how they work. Now you can use the best one for your car!

Author: Sultan Asad

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