Hand Driving Controls for Individuals with Special Needs

Quickly improving technologies mean a growing number of people with special needs are able to drive independently. A wonderful series of driving controls for people with disabilities are offered nowadays. These can include foot controls, hand controls, as well as high tech driving controls. The type of ideal fit for you will depend upon the nature of your handicap.

Hand driving controls

One of the most common driving controls for people with a handicap are hand controls. There are two major types:

  • Those that move functions generally accessed by the feet to hand control, and
  • Those that make typical hand regulate more quickly accessible to individuals with a damaged hand and/or arm toughness and movement.

When selecting driving controls, make sure to consult your physical therapist along the road. They can assist when acquiring a specialist automobile to fit the driving controls you require.

Moved pedal features

Commonly, the majority of drivers use their feet to access their automobile’s brake, accelerator, as well as the clutch. For individuals with minimal foot control, all these features can be transferred to hand control. With this, total foot-free driving can be attained. There are a variety of hand-controlled brakes and accelerators offered, with a number of these systems integrated right into one.

Popular hand-controlled accelerator, as well as brake systems, consist of:

  • Ring accelerators, installed on the steering wheel.
  • Satellite regulates, put on by the vehicle driver like a handwear cover.
  • Electronic radial and cause accelerators.
  • Mechanical hand controls for accelerator, as well as a brake.
  • Brake bars mounted on the guiding column.

Controlling the steering

Often an individual’s capacity to involve with the wheel of steering is affected they arehandicap. There is a huge variety as well as a range of choices to help with this, from an easy spinner knob via bespoke guiding help made to match an individual’s specific special needs.

Steering aids are likewise offered with buttons to make it possible for the procedure of second features such as indications, low and high beam lights as well as the horn. It is suggested to consult with your physical therapist, as well asvehicle modifier. They can assist with selecting a safe, as well asan appropriate option.