Types of Signage for Stores and Offices: what is your choice?

When it comes to satisfying the consumer at the point of sale, we think of promotions, gifts, point cards, customer service, etc: everything you need to create a unique experience. What other tools can help you generate a more convenient and comfortable shopping experience? Before thinking about marketing, interactive displays and other cutting-edge tools, let’s look at the basics. When we visit a store, we basically look for a product to buy it. But, how do we find that product?

Here is what you need to know

Each point of sale requires an organization, a system with which the consumer can feel comfortable to move around at will without having to ask for directions from any employee they find. And that’s where signage comes in: a tool designed to facilitate the movement of users with comfort within a specific area. To begin, we invite you to know the types of signage that you can use. You can either buy ready-made aluminum sign blank, or you can order custom sign online at affordable prices, according to your requirement.

Classification of Signage by its Function –

  • Guidance: They aim to place individuals in context to their environment (campus-type location maps, zone sketches, parking directories, etc).
  • Informative: They transmit specific messages and about a particular topic related to the place where they are (service hours, location of rooms, corporate directories, etc).
  • Directional: They function as specific circulation instruments, responsible for indicating to the user where to go to locate a certain service (arrows with titles, hotel room directories, location of corporate rooms).
  • Brand Identification: They are designation instruments that confirm the location of something (advertisements on store fronts, shelf and product signs, location of boxes and numbering of windows).
  • Ornamentals: Their function is decorative (welcome signs, decoration with Brands and Logos in stores).

Classification by Type of Restraint –

  • Attached: It is when most of the Sign is supported by a wall, and is permanently fixed, ideal for brand identification signs.
  • Band: When the signal is attached to two walls, columns or posts perpendicularly, it is called Band. System used for informative and directional signs.
  • Flag: It is so called when the sign is anchored perpendicular to a wall or column, held on one side only, commonly used for orientation and identification signs.
  • Hanging: It is used mainly for directional signs in areas with a large influx such as Airports or Shopping Centers.
  • Stele of Identity: This is the name of any type of signal with volume, generally used for attached and flag signals, ideal for Rooms in Enclosures and residential Numbering.


Now that you know the types of signage that exist and how they can be installed, imagine how you can transform your establishment or office to make it a more comfortable place for your clients, remember that a great experience will always make them come back. You are recommended to visit Municipal Signs. There you can see specialized section, where you will find a wide catalog of traffic signs and posters for use in all kinds of situations: public roads, private roads, construction sites and more.