Useful Tips for Changing Car Oil

There are many owners who actually do the oil change at home. It is necessary to remember that changing the oil is a crucial task. One should only take the responsibility if equipped with proper material and knowledge. It is always a better option to head to a professional. There are many professional firms which offer quality service at affordable price. The cost of Walmart oil change is comparatively lower than many other professional places.

Make sure to cool down

Even professionals follow this rule. If you have been driving, your car is bound to be hot. The oil at this point of time is hot enough to burn skin. Always make sure to cool the car down for 20 to 30 minutes before doing anything. If you need to heat the oil for draining, running the car for 2 minutes is enough for the oil. It will make the oil flow easily without causing any harm.

Protective gear

Working on a car means a lot of dirt and grime. If you choose to change the oil, there are even more chances of messing things up easily. Protective gears are for both ensuring safety as well as cleanliness. Wearing rubber gloves will keep your hands from the dirt and oil and also from the harmful particles. Make sure to have enough supply of towels to remove any oil when necessary. Get an old shower curtain or tarp to place under the oil pan. Spillage during car oil changing is nothing new. This curtain will keep your driveway or garage safe from nasty spills and stains.

Make sure to check the guidelines

If you have replaced your old car with a new one, you should definitely check the guideline a few times. Every car is different and requires proper maintenance. It is necessary to follow the guidelines properly in order to do the job properly and avoid any damage.