What are Performance Mufflers?

The installation of a performance muffler subsidizes the efficiency of a car’s engine. It does so by opening up the exhaust system and paving the way for hindrance-free fume elimination. In effect, the cylinders are in full-swing because burnt gasses are properly evacuating the engine. Back pressure is dramatically reduced, superior engine respiration is realized, and engine economy rises. Replacement mufflers are responsible for immediate performance gains, but it sure would be nice to see exactly why this is the case, right?

Functional Stock Mufflers are Asthmatic

A factory-installed unit does its job relatively well, in that it cancels noise while hastening the exit of spent engine byproducts. The hollow shell uses special baffles and tubes with fine holes to attenuate back pressure noise, plus this work is balanced against a need to accelerate exhaust flow away from the engine. But this is an unharmonious chamber. Sure, the noise is reduced to a whisper, but the balancing act almost never works, for noise cancellation is favoured over back pressure reduction. In order to really tweak the capabilities of this important exhaust chamber, we need to call upon the talents of a high-performance replacement.

Delivering Macho Exhaust Muffling Credentials

An aftermarket noise canceling mechanism is tuned by enthusiasts to emphasize certain characteristics. Depending on the brand, muffler type, and money spent, the resulting exhaust muffler can be intelligently tweaked to emphasize deep sound frequencies, but this task is always coordinated, matched with a commensurate increase in engine respiration. Power and fuel economy increases due to this tuning endeavor, plus rugged reliability enters the equation. That’s right, internal flow design is partnered by an equally refined external casing, one made from robust steel or another similarly durable alloy.

The Anatomy of a High-Performance Muffler

When we can take a closer look inside a stock muffler, we can see the perforated tubes and baffling plates attenuating the roar of the engine, but an ill-considered noise reduction architecture diminishes power. Fortunately, performance mufflers overcome these shortcomings by adding innovative solutions. These include intelligently designed baffles and specially engineered cores. The end result is a tuned sound profile, but it’s a profile that also targets enhanced engine respiration.

Invest in a performance muffler when addressing a pedestrian sound attenuation design, something that works to satisfy noise ordinances but does little more. The superior architecture within an expertly tuned noise abatement solution works to improve horsepower by improving back pressure reduction figures, plus it functions on a secondary level, working to deliver the throaty roar that adds brawny personality to the car.