2 Ways to Defrost Windshield

What makes a bad morning? When you are running behind time, go out to your car only to find the windshield riddled with frost. It takes forever for the car glass denver co to defrost. The go-to solution is to let the engine run with the defroster on and wait for the thin layer of ice to melt. This prospect takes time and wastes gas.

Well, many car owners consider investing in a defroster, they can be quite expensive. What’s left? The only solution left for the people is to ask the internet how to defrost car windshields in less than 5 minutes? or how to defrost car windscreen without a defroster?

Cold winter days are hard and waking up to a defrosted car windscreen just adds to the misery. Here are two ways to defog and defrost windshield quickly.

Defrosting Windshield with Lukewarm Water

Lukewarm water helps in melting the ice. It is recommended to not use hot water, the temperature difference will lead either to glass expansion or cracks and will need windshield repair traverse city mi.

Take a gallon-size bucket and fill it up to the neck. Carry the bucket to the car and start pouring lukewarm water over the frozen windshield gradually. Start from the top left and pave the way towards the right corner.

As the warm water flows through the frozen windshield, it immediately melts the ice in its way, leaving an opaque slush. Run the windshield wipers to clear the window glass, you are ready to drive!

Defrosting Windshield with Rubbing Alcohol

The rubbing alcohol that is used to clean minor wounds makes for an amazing de-icer. The reason being, it has a lower freezing point (minus 128 degrees Fahrenheit) than water.

When poured on a frozen windshield, the alcohol transfers its heat, increasing the temperature to thaw the ice.

Take 8 ounces of room-temperature water and 4 ounces of rubbing alcohol, fill a 12-ounce bottle of the said solution. Shake it to mix well, spray the defrosted window, give it a minute or so to dwell, and soften the ice.

Remove or scrape the remaining frost with gloved hands or plastic cards. Say goodbye to icy windows!

How to Prevent Window Glass from Frosting Up?

Those were just 2 ways of winning over the frosted windshield, you can take the following measure to avoid future freeze-ups.

  • During the cold winter day, park the car in a garage or a closed space with windows shut.
  • In the case of the absence of indoor parking space, cover the car with a tarp or awning, put a beach towel, or a few rubber mats over the windscreen.
  • Often Windshield wipers get frosted up and refuse to work, cover wiper blades with an old stocking or knee-high sock to keep them from getting frozen.

Putting it all together, frozen windshields can be a headache, however, by following the above-mentioned defrosting techniques, you will get a crystal clear window just in time for the drive. It is also advised to follow precautionary measures to avoid freezing episodes.