3 Lesser Known Advantages of Tire Rotation

Owning a vehicle brings immense joy and of course loads of convenience. But to keep this status quo, the vehicle needs a basic level of care which must be done in terms of timely servicing. The manufacturer of your vehicle helps you in this by handing you a user manual, where you can get all the required information regarding the preventive maintenance and their schedules. All these components of preventive maintenance have their own set of advantages. Tire rotation as one of the major components of preventive maintenance of vehicles, is no exception to this rule. A veteran mechanic we know from the Burlington tire rotation service center shared with us the advantages of tire rotation, out of which some were lesser known to us. So, we thought of sharing with you this interesting piece of information.

Primary Advantage of Tire Rotation

Anyone who maintains a vehicle on regular basis will know that tire rotation is the name of that process wherein the four tires of a vehicle change their places, in order to prevent uneven tread wear. Hence, it is a known fact that the primary advantage of tire rotation, that is commonly known by the majority of car owners, is protecting the tires from uneven tread wear that leads to car body imbalance and therefore a gruesome accident. But there are also some other advantages of tire rotation that might have skipped our mind. Here they go:

  1. Prolonging Tire Lifespan:

If all the four tires of a vehicle do not share the same tread wear, it will lead to the premature wear of either a single or a pair of tires, one after another. But if tire rotation is performed at the correct time, none of the tires will face this consequence, and will survive longer.

In other words, by giving your vehicle a timely tire rotation, you are helping yourself by postponing the event of purchasing this costly vehicle component, and of course, some unwanted hazards.

  1. Holding on its Performance Capabilities

If the tires won’t have to struggle to perform, they roll on the road surface with their original zeal. As a result, your car moves in its usual smooth pattern, delivering a satisfactory ride quality. On the contrary, when one of the four tires, or a pair pf them is suffering from severe tread wear, the entire mechanism of the vehicle will tend to struggle to make the vehicle move. The result can be seen in every turn and especially during the acceleration moments. It also includes maintaining the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, that could have otherwise suffered severely.

  1. Erroneous Weight Distribution

When you take your car for a tire rotation they let you know which of the four tires is getting premature tread wear. it will automatically detect the wrong weight distribution when you load the car with people and their luggage.

These were the advantages of tire rotation we never realized before we heard them from the center of tire rotation in Burlington.