5 Interesting And Surprising Parking Facts In The US 

Trying to secure a parking spot in a congested road with horns blowing from every direction is annoying for all. Recent researches have shown that 30% of the traffic congestion is caused because drivers who’re unable to find a suitable parking lot to rest their car. Here’re some of the surprising car parking space facts in the US.

Total Number of Parking Spots in the U.S: 

Though one can’t count on the number of parking spaces available in a country, estimation reveals the figure. There’re 660 million parking spots in parking lots in the U.S.

Parking land at Sacramento, California: 

In a survey at Sacramento, California, it was found that parking facilities covered 28 % of land in residential areas and 68% in commercial areas. Here residents host parking for those finding a convenient parking space for their vehicle to relax.

Park-O-Meter-The First Parking Meter: 

The world’s first parking meter was installed in Oklahoma on 16th July 1935 with an hourly rate of $0.05. It was invented in the USA. However, $0.05 was an expensive cost in 1935.  However, the parking app has made it easier for drivers to find a parking space digitally in 2020. 

World’s Most Expensive Parking Spots:

Surprisingly, the world’s most expensive permanent parking spot is present in New York City.  The cost of a single parking unit costs one million dollars.  

Biggest Airport Parking Lots: 

Most of the biggest airport parking lots are located in Seattle (Washington) Chicago (Illinois), and Detroit (Michigan).  

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