Brake Problems That Can Bother Your Car

Brakes are undoubtedly the most important parts of a car. It is the car stopper, it is the savior during an accident, it is the speed restrictor. But, since the brake is also a machinery part, it can too face various sorts of problems and start malfunctioning. In this case, it is very risky for a car as well as a driver to operate. Here we look toward some of the problems that a car brake can face.

Weird Noises While Braking

Hearing weird squeaking or squealing noises while braking the car is one of the clearest signs that your car brakes are malfunctioning. This is an indication that the brake pads are worn out and must be replaced or repaired soon.

Vibration While Applying the Brakes

Another clear and noticeable sign that your car brakes are not performing to their maximum is when you experience some kind of wobbling, shaking or vibration throughout the car and especially on the steering wheel. This issue should be immediately corrected by replacing or repairing the brakes.

Fluid Leakage

There is a certain type of fluid present in a cylinder that creates the hydraulic pressure for the braking of the car. At times, due to malfunctioning, these fluids start leaking. In this case, a technician should be called to check it, as it may be dangerous for the brakes to not work properly.

The Vehicle Bounces While Braking

If your vehicle bounces while applying sharp braking, it may be a serious problem as it may lead to some serious accidents. It may also be the problem of the shock absorbers which are not functioning properly and cannot absorb the sudden stop shock.

Burning Smell While Applying Brakes

Due to overheated brakes or excessive friction between the brake and the rotor, the brake at times may get burnt. Due to this a bad odor of burnt materials may arise. This is a serious problem as the brakes are not working properly and need immediate replacement or assistance. 

Unbalanced Braking

If the car drags down to a single side while braking, it may be that one of the brakes is not working properly due to which that side is handicapped and the other brake drags the car to a stop on one side only. is one of the most renowned brake service organizations that provide braking solutions on the go at affordable prices.