If it is your first time owning a crane, you might be surprised by how many crane parts make up your machine. It can be hard to imagine that this one big and very tall machinery is composed of different individual components. These crane parts are also replaceable. They are often replaced or upgraded with used car parts kailua hi during repair services.

Have you ever wondered which of these crane parts are most commonly bought by crane owners? Here are the seven most purchased parts:

1. Counterweights

Prefabricated concrete is used to make counterweights. When the apparatus is in motion or at rest, these counterweights are employed to balance the inertia and weight in the tower crane jib. These counterweights are among the top-selling Sumitomo crane parts in the world.

2. Slewing Units

Among the most commonly bought Tadano crane parts is the slewing unit. A slewing gear transmission, a motor, and a slewing bracket comprise a slewing unit. The crane can move objects by turning and twisting thanks to the device. Additionally, it has a horizontal arm, which is responsible for carrying the load.

3. Trolleys

You need a trolley to offer the tower crane manoeuvrability. This metallic component consists of a car that navigates lanes while travelling along the jib. Additionally, the trolley bears the weight of the object being raised.

4. Tower Crane Jibs

Another component of a tower crane is the tower crane jib. It is triangular and has a modular design to facilitate transport. The range or radius needed for the crane to move around is possible due to tower crane jibs.

5. Crane Erector

The tower crane erectors are popular Kobelco crane parts made up of several components, such as tie-down devices, bolts and pins, upper and lower climbing devices, and other pieces.

6. Hooks

Hooks on tower cranes have a crucial role in mechanical performance, making them one of the most crucial crane parts. It needs to be used and maintained because it is said to be the crane’s most precise component. It is one of the most popular Sumitomo crane parts in the market. Even those who are looking for Tadano crane parts are also often purchasing hooks specifically.

7. Tower Crane

The tower crane uses this metal lattice framework to gain the height necessary to reach the top of a structure. Lattice modules were used in the fabrication of this metal component to facilitate the crane’s easier transportation.

That concludes our breakdown of the crane’s components and accessories for you. Visit Shinko Crane today for your crane parts requirements.