If regular employees need a car to drive to work and home, how much more businesses require more groundwork? Usually, big companies either get a third-party logistics partner or invest in their in-house logistics. How about small businesses? They can benefit from a used lorry for sale in Singapore!

Here are the businesses that can take advantage of a light goods vehicle in Singapore:

1. Food and beverages

Do you own a small restaurant? Many restaurant owners and chefs go to the market to buy fresh ingredients daily. It is difficult to transport all the ingredients you shopped for, from kilos of fish to sacks of rice, without your own vehicle. A small lorry makes your morning market journey easy!

If you are a bakeshop that supplies tasty tarts at different restaurants each day, you can buy a lorry for sale in Singapore and use it for delivery! Lorries are capable of carrying multiple boxes of tarts!

2. Yard work

Yard work is not easy. It needs tons of tools and equipment, such as rakes, shovels, lawn mowers, and lawn trimmers.

You can’t fit all these pieces of equipment in a used car for sale in Singapore. Instead, it needs a spacious small truck.

3. Movers

If you are establishing a moving company, you should start investing in trucks. Trucks, perhaps, are the backbone of moving services. Homeowners can do the packing themselves, but transportation is where moving companies fill the gap.

If you are a small moving company, you can start by buying a used lorry for sale in Singapore.

4. Cleaning and servicing

Cleaning services, such as carpet cleaners, office cleaners, and AC servicing, need a lorry to carry their heavy equipment, similar to the yard work.

Along with the pieces of equipment are gallons of cleaning agent and supplies. An ordinary car cannot carry these heavy loads.

Does your business need a light goods vehicle in Singapore?

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