Your wedding is supposed to be a memorable event that you will cherish for a lifetime. Have you thought about all the little details that go into creating your wedding? One of the things you may want to consider is the type of transportation you will use for your wedding. A lot of couples go all out by using luxury car rental services in Singapore to start and end their day.

The role of a wedding car isn’t just to provide a picture-perfect entrance, it’s supposed to bring you to and from event venues with ease. If you have a place to go to, like the airport for your honeymoon, a wedding car rental in Singapore makes it much more convenient.

Not all Singaporeans own cars, so a wedding car rental should definitely be on your list. How do you know that the one you chose is the best? Here are a few great tips to help you out.

1. Start your search for a wedding car ahead of time.

A wedding car rental in Singapore may have a range of vehicles, but what if it’s all booked out by the time your wedding day arrives? Start searching for options months in advance.

2. Always choose local companies.

 And by local, we mean near your wedding venue and where you’re coming from. Your drivers are much more likely to know the area and the shortest possible routes.


3. Check out photos of the car you want to drive.

 Even if it’s a short term car rental in Singapore, it’ll still be a part of your wedding. Take some time off to see the car in person or check some images of the actual car you will use.


4. Set a budget.

Do this before you search so you don’t have unexpected expenses.

MyCarriage helps you get your dream car for your event. Are you looking for a specific vehicle to transport you and your loved ones? Reach out to them to know more about our rates for daily car rental in Singapore and more.