Choosing Between A Lift Kit And Levelling Kit

The biggest advantage of lifting your vehicle is higher ground clearance the improves visibility. It is easier to see what is ahead of you particularly obstacles that can be dangerous if unseen. During off-roading, your vehicle has a much lower chance of getting stuck in the mud or sand. If in case you get stuck, higher ground clearance allows your vehicle to get out more easily.

What is a lift kit?

Body lift kits are aftermarket products that are designed to lift a truck or SUV by at least 2 or 3 inches higher by putting a high-grade nylon spacer in between the body of the vehicle and the frame. Lift kits are made in such a way that won’t change the quality of how your vehicle rides. Many vehicle owners opt for the lift kits because they are more affordable than suspension lifts because it does not require the shocks to be changed. People who love to go off-roading use lift kits to provide their tires with more clearance while retaining the original suspension geometry and alignment.

However, any changes made to a vehicle also has its share of drawbacks. Installing lift kits can be time-consuming because of the nature of the job that requires lifting the body and bolting it back in place. The biggest downside to lift kits is it makes the frame of the vehicle more visible than it was before with gaps visible in the fender walls. However, frame visibility can be solved by placing gap guards on the frame.

Lifts kit vs. levelling kit

The first time you drive your new truck or SUV from the dealership, you will notice that the rear is a few inches higher than the front end. Levelling kits are used to level the front of the vehicle so that it would match with the stock height of the back end. The maximum lift to the front end will be about 2 inches. When the front end is up to its proper height, you will enjoy a smoother and more comfortable ride.

One of the biggest advantages of using a levelling lift is it allows you to add larger tires to all four wheels. Most pickup trucks have plenty of clearance in the rear so that the front wheels usually hit the inside of the fender or bumper, making it more difficult to turn and navigate. Levelling kits are usually used to solve the issue.

Many vehicle owners prefer to lift their vehicle even if they do not have plans to go off-roading. They want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their vehicles for day-to-day driving. You can combine a 2-inch lift and levelling kit with the 3-inch body lift kit so that you can install bigger tires for that cool look.

Before deciding to lift your vehicle, it is important to determine your goals. Do you want bigger tires or a taller ride height with maximum ground clearance to push the vehicle’s off-roading capabilities? A lift kit will accomplish all these goals for a relatively inexpensive price.