Collision Repair Services Offered by Auto Body Shops

After your car got trapped into a fateful collision, however small or severe, you have to take it for a collision repair. This needs to be compulsorily done, without a delay, even if you think that your car has not suffered as much damage, because not all the damages that happens to the car from a collision are visible. Though the auto body shops will fix the external damages, they would be able to tell you if there’s any internal damage at all. But here we would talk about the most common yet important collision repair services that the auto body shops offer.

At the Hayden auto body repair center, who specialize on collision repair informed us that they fix back a collision damaged car through the following service methodologies.

Dent Repair

In a collision, the most common damage that can happen to the car body exterior is an ugly dent, though these dents can come on the car surface for various reasons apart from collisions. Hence, all the auto body shops will offer this service, without fail, while they might suggest to go for traditional dent repair or paint less dent repair, depending upon the size and severity of the dent.

Repair of Wheels

The wheel rim is next most commonly damaged part to be observed whenever any kind of collision takes place. With a damaged rim, it becomes difficult to maneuver the car and it might cause yet a bigger accident and hence needs to be immediately repaired. So most of the auto body shops will offer this particular kind of repair services of fixing back the rim, and in the worst cases replacing them.

Replacement of the Windshield

One of the most vulnerable parts that can get affected in a collision or any other external attack, is the windshield. Once the windshield glass cracks up, or breaks into pieces, it becomes impossible to drive the car. In some other cases the windshield can also start chipping off rather than breaking down all at a time. That is more dangerous, since the driver will be unaware of the fact and would drive off guarded.

So, in any auto body shop, where they offer windshield and auto glass replacement services, you can get the windshield replaced.

Frame Straightening

In a collision, the vehicles that get trapped in are most likely to suffer a severe damage to their exterior frames, if the collision had been severe. While in some worst cases, it will be difficult and overly expensive to set the frame back, in most cases, the auto body shops perform frame straightening procedure to give back the damaged cars their original shapes.

For this the auto body shops use specifically engineered machines for this purpose that run on hydraulic force. But here we must mention the fact, that not all auto body repair shops will be able to provide this service, since this requires a heavy duty infrastructure and skilled technicians, explained the mechanics of the center of auto body repair Hayden.