Find Your Car Shampoo in the Best Way

The progress made in the field of corrosion protection is amazing. Current cars are guaranteed for 10 years or more and the paints and varnishes used are much more resistant than before. Who does not remember the varnishes of the 70s and 80s, with their hoods and roofs that peel, or the colors that pass (reds which turn to orange).

That time is over

But, do not think you are exempt from all cleaning! Washing is one of the two most important steps along with protection, to maintain the shine of your car over the long term. Simple at first, washing requires special attention in particular to avoid tarnishing and micro scratching your paint. Look at the car shampoo revies and find the car cleaning perfect.

Dear owner in love with sports cars, L’Automobile Sportive thinks of you and also of those who drive vintage cars! In large metropolises, many owners are not lucky enough to be able to shelter their beautiful in a covered and closed garage. It is therefore delivered to the street and its perpetual attacks. Under these conditions and without regular maintenance, the exterior appearance of an automobile deteriorates rapidly. Bird droppings, pollution, bad weather, vandalism, minor injuries, etc. your body and paint wear out, that’s inevitable. It is therefore advisable to clean it regularly and to take care of its general condition. To do this, we have tested various products and solutions on the market for you.

The Case Of New Cars

If you are wondering about the best way to clean a new car without damaging its shiny paint, it thinks of everything offers the right shampoo.

For that, keep the gun at a minimum of 20 cm from your car. As a result, very often the action of the high jet does not completely remove all the grime deposited on the surface. A very thin film of grease and pollution remains fixed on the paint, thus continuing its corrosive action over the long term.

Last Words

Likewise, for cleaning alloy rims, do not wait too long because the jet will not completely remove all the black layer of dust from the pads which can end up becoming encrusted in the varnish of the rims and destroy it. Another disadvantage of the high pressure jet: it can aggravate small chips in the paint (often on the front face) especially on painted plastic parts or on chrome.

Also at the joints, it is not advisable to go too close. To do this, keep the gun at a minimum of 20 cm from your car. Finally, for all insect tasks, the passage of the jet is very often ineffective.