Troubles That Can Be Addressed with an Oil Change

Cars just like any other machine or mechanism can go out of order, after certain amount of age and usage. Once that milestone is crossed, every car owner is likely to face some or other troubles when they drive their car. among them while some can be addressed with some small regular servicing, other might ask for costlier repairs.

Here we would discuss all those issues or troubles mostly observed in cars that can be dealt with a simple oil change servicing. We have gathered this information from a group of mechanics who are in charge of the unit of Atascocita oil change service.

Check Engine Light Issue

If anything goes wrong in the engine or its related departments of a car, the onboard diagnostic system of the car will intimidate you about it by turning on the “check engine” light on the dashboard. It would either stay still or start flashing depending upon the severity of damage that has taken place.

You can try solving this issue by popping up the hood, checking the gas cap, tighten or replace it, if necessary and finally by changing the motor oil. It will so happen, that as soon as you change the motor oil, it will instantly start lubricating all the engine components that were so long facing an undue friction amongst each other, due to the lack of clean lubrication.

Knocking Sound of the Engine

If your car makes a knocking sound whenever you try to key start the engine, it is surely an indication that the engine components are not working properly or are having some friction and overheating issue. this issue again can be solved by a simple oil change.

The sound that the engine was making was being generated from the friction of its parts since the protective layer between them was not there, because of poor lubrication. An oil changing session can get rid of this issue as all the systems will start working fresh with the clean and clear motor oil running in the system.

Emissionof Smoke from the Exhaust

Exhausting a little amount of blackish smoke from the tailpipe is natural. But if the pipe starts emitting big amounts of black, blue, or white smoke, it is a worrisome sign indeed. It tells that the engine along with the exhaust system aren’t in good health. Changing the motor oil can come to your rescue in these cases as well, as it will first set the engine right and simultaneously will help the exhaust system work its usual way.

Excessive FuelConsumption

The technical staff offering oil change service in Atascocita, suggested that if your car isn’t able to cover as much distance as before with the same amount of fuel, there is something wrong going on with the engine. The first remedy will be checking out if there is any leakage in the oil compartment, and next is to change the oilif it has accumulated too much dust and debris. Once done, your car will regain its normal fuel efficiency once again.