How to change a truck’s tire?

Having a flat tire is a major inconvenience. The worst aspect of a flat tire is that it can occur at any place, at any time. It is essential to be prepared for such an event by knowing how to change your truck’s tires. This will help you from being stuck in the middle of the road with nobody to help. Changing your tires will save a lot of time that would go for assistance from tire experts. In advanced cases while being in Gainesville, you would need to call mobile tire repair in Gainesville.

How to change a tire on a truck?

To change the tires of a truck, these are the steps to be followed:

  1. Locate the spare

The first one amongst the steps to change a tire is to locate the spare tire. You need to make sure that your truck always has a spare tire for emergencies. Also, ensure that you have the essential tools to change the tire, such as a flashlight, tire gauge, and towels.

  1. Pick a location

It is crucial to make sure that you keep the truck in a safe flat solid surface. Once you have found such a spot, put the truck on the parking brake, and get ready for the further processes. The parking brake will help to keep the truck from moving.

  1. Check all your tools

Check if you have all the necessary tools for the change of the tire. Make sure that all the tools are equipped enough for the change of the tire.

  1. Apply the wheel wedge

The wheel wedge goes in the front of the truck; it is mainly used to prevent the truck from rolling over when you are changing the tire. If you do not have wheel wedges, you can make do with a rock in its place.

  1. Changing the truck tire

First, you would need to remove the wheel cover before using the jack to lift the truck. If your truck uses hubcaps, then use the flat end of the wrench and remove it. You can then go on to use the lug wrench and turn the lug nuts.

You would then have to place a jack underneath the truck, and when it is well positioned, use it to raise the truck.

Unscrew the lug nuts and then remove the flat tire and set it aside. Proceed to place the new tire.

  1. Lower the truck and tighten the nuts

Use the jack to lower the truck and then proceed on to tighten the lug nuts as tight as possible.

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