The function of power liftgate  in cars

A car electric tailgate, also known as an electric trunk, means that the trunk is opened or closed by electric drive. To open the trunk, just press the button in the car or the remote key, and the trunk will open by itself. If you want to close the trunk, just press the close button in the electric tailgate or the close button in the car, or the remote control key, the trunk will be closed automatically, providing great convenience for the user to open and close the tailgate.

power tailgate system consists of switch, Gas Strut, control module, suction lock (latch), kick sensor and other parts.

The electric Strut is the action execution unit of the tailgate opening and closing, the key component of opening and closing the back door, the strut comes with its own motor and Hall sensor, after receiving the command of opening and closing the door, the strut automatically retracts and drives the back door to open and close.

Currently, two types of coaxial and parallel-axis electric strut have been developed in the market, the former mainly used in SUVs and the latter mostly used in trimotors;

ECU,(Electronic Control Unit) is the logic control unit of the electric tailgate, the electric tailgate ECU and the whole vehicle BCM using CAN communication, with optimized power management and circuit protection architecture, with high load current, fault detection, anti-interference, low power consumption, etc., can be stable to achieve and control the functions of the electric tailgate system.

electric suction lock plays a role in locking the tailgate: when the tailgate is closed, the electric suction lock or latch receives a latching signal and can self-absorb the tailgate to achieve a locked state. Now there are two mature self-absorbing lock and self-absorbing latch program, in order not to meet the needs of different models.

The power tailgate system adopts CAN communication, and the status of the back door is displayed on the central control panel in real time; users can control the tailagte opening and closing by Key remote swtich,Button switch in car,Tailgate key switch,Foot scan sensor switch(optional); at the same time, the development of the system control strategy fully takes into account the tailgate anti-pinch, misoperation, malicious operation, vehicle speed signal and many other working conditions, with the aim of user safety as the first design element, while additional protection for the system itself and prolonging the service life of the system.

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