The Most Common Garage Door Problems

Garage doors are prone to multiple problems over constant usage. This happens typically due to the daily wear and tear of the various components of the door. Modern garage doors are adequately equipped to deal with these damages over different seasons, but the older ones can still get rusty. If these problems are not attended to at once, they might cumulate to more significant issues in the future and have you take on the hefty investments. The answer to all these problems lies in the regular check-up and door maintenance. And, this is why we are listing out some common problems these doors can have, which will help you identify the issues soon.

Worn-out rollers

Looking at the overhead tracks where the rollers run, you will notice that these rollers are connected to smaller axles on each door side. These rollers will be guiding the door up and down smoothly. Through everyday use, it is common for the rollers to wear out. We often neglect this issue, and over time, it can get worse. There will soon be unbearable noise, and the door movement can also be hindered majorly.

Broken torsion springs

There is a presence of large springs on the tracks of the garage doors. This is how they can carry hundreds of pounds. This means that the springs need to be powerful enough, and since they are under constant stress always, they can lose their strength over time. They can snap into two or loosen out.

Broken cables

There cables play a vital role in the garage doors. They keep the doors in motion and apply steady pressure to the door movements. They can break into two after constant wearing and tearing or excessive stretching. This will lead the door to remain partially closed or, in the worst cases, might lead to the collapsing of the door.

Broken sensors

There are chances of unexpected things happening with the garage doors. They can open or close suddenly and might not follow remote commands. This can be highly frustrating sometimes, but this mostly happens because the sensors have stopped working. The optical sensors are on each rail, where one is the emitter and the other is the receiver. If they stop working, you need to get them checked right away.

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