What Hyundai Suggests on Scheduled Maintenance Service?

It is quite a common phenomenon that car owners tend to keep forgetting the schedule of their car maintenance, and others often ignore these routine chores, when it comes to maintaining their vehicles. But this is how they invite trouble for themselves, and end up paying a huge sum of money to fix their car issues, while following the schedule for the maintenance as recommended by their car manufacturer, could have saved them, from most of these expenditures, complained the team leader of the mechanics serving at the Glendora Hyundai repair service center.

They also sent a warning message to all the Hyundai vehicle owners, with a detailed explanation as what happens when one skips the maintenance schedule for multiple times.

What Can Go Wrong

Skipping a scheduled maintenance that is due for a vehicle, can lead to some serious issue at one point of time, and that never happens immediately. That makes still another excuse for the car owners to avoid the schedules and keep postponing the dates.

And once this tendency catches up, it has a cascading effect on the car performance, since the mechanisms start getting troubled, and this affect the other mechanisms that are inter-related. The major driving components like steering wheel, brakes, and accelerator will stop responding in time. This will not only affect the performance of the car but can also cause safety issues.

Lack of Lubrication

Among all the regular maintenance schedules, the most common component is refilling the fluids of the major components like engine, transmission and the brakes. The respective fluids in these compartments get heated up and evaporated, start accumulating external dust and debris, and finally end up being overly contaminated and lose their viscosity. As a result, they no longer can flow freely through the parts, they are supposed to and finally these mechanisms suffer from lack of proper lubrication.

Air Blockage Issue

In the schedules of regular car maintenance, the other most common servicing that is done to a vehicle is change of filters, like oil and air filters. These are parts that help keep the respective reservoirs clean and protected from external dust and debris. While the oil filter helps in keeping the engine oil in good condition, the air filter keeps the air inflow clean from dust, and this makes the engine run easily without a struggle. So, when one skips the schedule for car maintenance, it is like missing out on the required filter changes, and create blockage in the air intake. All this result into a troubled performance of the engine and finally it can lead into a severe damage to the major car mechanisms.

Paying Attention to the Warning Signs

The team of mechanics at the Glendora Hyundai repair center gave us a perfect solution to avoid such circumstances. They recommended strongly to the car owners to maintain a reminder system that will remind them of the upcoming schedules for the maintenance. Simultaneously they suggested to keep an eye open for any sign of trouble, and pay due attention to the warning signs.