Where Are Your Car Keys – Does Anyone Know?


It happens to everyone at least once in their life – you lose the keys to your car and cannot find them anywhere. The dog does not have them and neither do the kids. Now, what are you going to do?

Two ways to go

There are two ways to get new keys through the dealership and through Remotes and Key. The dealership is usually the most expensive way to go. With Remotes and Key, you will get what you need, and at a more affordable price. 

Check this website out

So if you are looking for a Nissan replacement key, you don’t have to look further. This website has almost every key for every model of Nissan, usually in stock and all they need to do is ship it to you. If you are concerned about programming a Nissan key fob or key programming, they have all the information on programming for the Nissan transporter key programming on their website – available for free to use or print out. If you have problems with the programming, their tech support can help you program:

  • Nissan key
  • Nissan keyless entry remote
  • Nissan keyless entry
  • Nissan transponders
  • Nissan remote control

All of this is cheaper than what you would have to payout to the dealership.


This website even has an app that can help you find a locksmith near you if you are still having problems. That is called great customer service and most people keep using any business or website that offers great customer service.

So, if the dog ate your car keys and you are stuck without a way to get your Nissan started, you might want to try the website before going straight to the dealership. You might find that you will save money by using them.