Safety Features Used in the Latest Mazda Cars

Mazda vehicles have always been the safest vehicles in the industry of automobiles, since the automaker has taken special efforts to protect the car users as well as the people and properties around, to avoid fatal accidents, and their gruesome effects.

At their own factory Mazda has invented newer sets of technologies that not only assist the driver with timely and correct driving decisions, but also enable them with better visibility through the help of cameras installed at the strategic points. At the same time, other technology products are installed to reduce the harsh effects of an unavoidable collision on the travelers who are riding any of the latest Mazda car.

I-Actiivsense is the term that Mazda uses for its in-house safety feature packages that will be installed in every Mazda model, irrespective of the model or the trim level you choose. But of course as you climb higher the price ladder, the wall of safety created by the I-Activsense will grow stronger and taller, revealed our long-trusted Mazda dealer serving Tempe and Phoenix.

Safety Technologies for Safe Driving

Mazda’s I-ACTIVSENSE is the name of a broad umbrella that covers a series of advanced safety features based on innovative technologies being manufactured mostly at Mazda factories. The features used in the I-ACTIVSENSE package usually make use of several detection devices like milli-wave radars and high definition cameras, installed at strategic places to diminish the blind spots and increase the overall range of visibility for the one who sits behind the wheels of a Mazda vehicle. These active safety technologies are made to support safe driving where the systems create timely alerts for the driver to recognize every kind of potential hazards, while a range of pre-crash safety technologies help the Mazda drivers avert collisions. Still, if a collision becomes inevitable, the I-ACTIVSENSE safety package of Mazda work towards reducing the severity of the collisions on the travelers for sure.

So, here is a list of safety and driver assist features that comb aim of Mazda’s I-ACTIVSENSE successful.

Mazda Radar Cruise Control:

This is a simple technology that alerts the driver whenever the said Mazda car tends to cross the speed limit during the stop and go traffic, or while following a car that is driving ahead. This way, the feature maintains a safe distance between the Mazda car and the car at the front.

Smart Brake Support

With this technology feature at work, the one who is driving a Mazda vehicle need not panic, if he or she could not press the brake pedal in time, especially when there is a pedestrian or a vehicle ahead. This feature, applies the brakes of the Mazda car of its own, when the sensor of this feature detects either a pedestrian or a vehicle, too close to the Mazda car, and thus avoids a probable collision in time, demonstrated an attentive staff at the Tempe and Phoenix Mazda dealership.

So, choose any latest Mazda model, and secure your drives with the most effective safety features from Mazda.