Trailer Towing Safety

Loading a cargo trailer demands a little bit of knowledge and a lot of patience. Simply shoving everything into the trailer like a puzzle is not the optimal way to pack your gear. There is an appropriate way and an incorrect way to load, and the incorrect has the possibility to lead to serious road accidents.

Review the accompanying resource, Properly Loading a Trailer Is a Difficult Balancing Act, before you pack your cargo trailer. As advised, be sure you know the weight limits of your towing vehicle and your trailer. Even if you have years of towing experience, you should review this infographic when using a new trailer or a different vehicle than you usually use to tow your current trailer.

Loading your trailer right can make the difference between a safe trip with no damage to your vehicle and trailer and causing a very serious accident. A poorly loaded trailer can start to swerve — veering from side-to-side — and if the speed were to increase, this can lead to whipping, which makes it difficult to maintain control and can create a dangerous situation for all cars on the road.

Proper packing, driving safely, and staying alert are the keys to towing a cargo trailer. Never exceed the speed limit when towing a trailer. If your trailer starts to swerve or whip, remove your foot from the gas pedal to slow your vehicle below the speed limit. Do not press the brakes. Keep your steering wheel in a straight-ahead position. As soon as you can safely stop, do so and reload your trailer as described in the infographic.